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Benefits of Mobility

You wouldn't dream of running a business without a web site. These days, Apps are the "New Web Site," accessible to consumers who are on the go and on their phones. Studies show that consumers are spending more time on their phones than on computers. Five good Reasons to go for Mobile Apps rather than Mobile websites are

  1. It's much faster. It takes a second to launch a Mobile App. It can take up to several minutes for a Mobile Web site to load in an area with bad reception.
  2. Mobile Apps can function offline
  3. Reduced operational cost
  4. Providing end user with great flexibility
  5. Helping organisations gain and sustain a competitive advantage
Piggy Bank

PiggyBank application is a app-model for e-banking applications. The Design and core features are designed and developed using Mappse platform in a faster way. This app-model has proved to inter-operate well with existing business systems through SOA architecture.This app-model supports both Android and iOs platforms.The app-model has all banking application features listed below

  1. Secured login
  2. Manage accounts
  3. View balance
  4. Fund transfer
  5. View Transactions
  6. Rules and Alerts
Flippin Pizza

Flipping Pizza is a app-model for retail business applications for placing order. it is been developed specifically for Pizza business. This app integrates well with the vendor systems in placing the order and getting the inventory status using a web service. This app-model supports both Android and iOs platforms.The app-model has all order features listed below

  1. Secured login
  2. View Pizza Menu
  3. Select Pizza / Toppings
  4. Buy Pizza
  5. View Order Status
  6. Find Locality

Searchingfaculty.com is a Revolutionary Educational Job Portal which helps institutions and faculty members to make their faculty and job search in an easy way, respectively. Using SearchingFaculty, Institutions can achieve higher return on their Human Capital. Using SearchingFaculty, Faculties can find their right choice of Institution. This solution is supported by Android and iOS.

Features for Institutions
  1. Requisition Management
  2. Job Posting
  3. Selection Management
  4. 30% better Quality of Hire; 40% Faster Hiring process
  5. Search and Invite faculty in minutes
Features For Faculty
  1. Profile Management
  2. Search and Apply for Openings
  3. Manage Institution Interest
  4. Profile Safety Assured
  5. Transform yourself within different Educational system
Food Engine

Food Engine will change people dining experiences by aggregating the various efforts of your professional services. Restaurant-Eaters can browse through the beautiful Digital Menus, manage their Orders and Pay for Orders, all from the comfort of few clicks from Customers Smart Phones. Food Engine comes along with Order Management Portal for Restaurant Managers / Owners / Administrators, which can be used to manage the Orders, Deliver, Track, Report.

Customers Features
  1. Order Delivery / Pickup, Seat Reservations
  2. Faculty Profile Search
  3. Browse Menu Items and search by Ingredients, Picture, Day Special
  4. Email and SMS notifications
  5. Get Promotional Offers
Features For Restaurant
  1. Customized Menu Manager for every Branch, Today's Special etc.
  2. Manage Order and Order Summary, Customers
  3. Move Order from one Branch to another to meet Customer Demand/Satisfaction
  4. Push Promotions, Advertisements to Customers


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